When Information Technology Faces Resource Interaction

When Information Technology Faces Resource Interaction
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This work investigates the interplay between IT and the other resources in business networks. The two main questions are how does IT affect the surrounding resources? and how does the value of IT emerge in relation to these resources? Two case studies feature how IT tools such ERP systems are used in relation to two products: IKEA’s table Lack and Edsbyn’s table El-Bord. The value and the effects of IT on resources vary greatly depending on the managerial task in which it is applied. In exploitative tasks (aiming at keeping efficiency), the effects of IT are stronger, thanks to relevant IT-embedded models and formalizedinformation. Instead, IT has restricted effects in explorative tasks, because IT cannot model non-given resources, handle network-embedded information, and steer non- linear development processes. However, IT stabilizes exploration, by formalizing and freezing resources. As for IT’s value, it is more evident in exploitative tasks, where IT more easily models and...

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