Who Said That?

Who Said That?
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Book DescriptionSo many quotations are familiar, but how often do you find yourself asking ?Who said that?? and how often does the answer provoke the further question ?Who was he/she?? This book provides the answers! The book was compiled as a result of the author?s own curiosity about the source of many intriguing quotations which are in everyday use. They range from the serious points of view of ancient philosophers, through gems of literature from poets and writers of all periods, to the notable sayings of present day politicians and personalities. This new edition is an amalgamation of the three books Who Said That?, More of Who Said That?, and Still More of Who Said That?, bringing all the quotations together in one bumper volume. This isa fun book, aimed at giving the reader pleasure--a book that can be picked up in an idle moment and looked through with interest and amusement.

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