Why Him? Why Her?: Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type

Why Him? Why Her?: Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type
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Пашков дом, Старая Москва, Трамвай из предместья, Последний этаж, Азиатский грипп, "И аз воздам...", Дело о шубе, Ночные голоса, Визит, Презумпция невиновности, Теория поля, Скорбный лист, Протокол, Особняк на Пречистенке


A groundbreaking book about how your personality type determines who you loveWhy do you fall in love with one person rather than another? In this fascinating and informative book, Helen Fisher, one of the world’s leading experts on romantic love, unlocks the hidden code of desire and attachment. Each of us, it turns out, primarily expresses one of four broad personality types—Explorer, Builder, Director, or Negotiator—and each of these types is governed by different chemical systems in the brain. Driven by this biology, we are attracted to partners who both mirror and complement our own personality type. Until now the search for love has been blind, but Fisher pulls back the curtain and reveals how we unconsciously go about finding the right match. Drawing on her unique study of 40,000 men and women, she explores each personality type in detail and shows you how to identify your own type. Then she explains why some types match up well, whereas others are problematic. (Note to...

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