Windows to Linux business desktop migration

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Windows to Linux business desktop migration
Charles River Media
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Over the last four years, Linux has established itself as the fastest growing server platform for enterprise Information Technology. As the server platform grows the desktop platform is also growing, domestically and abroad. One of the areas most lacking information, however, is in the capability of Linux as a desktop replacement for a Microsoft Windows dominated enterprise. Linux Business Desktop Migration for Windows Users explores the advantages of Linux as a desktop platform as well as the possible pitfalls associated with a Linux migration. The goal is to make the leap with as little disruption as possible and realize tangible benefits in the end. In order to make this possible, the book focuses on four main points: Teaching the factors involved in a Windows to Linux migration, including how to form an overall IT strategy for a company with an established Windows user base; Explaining data migration and how to move data from a Windows installation (Office documents, address books, etc.) to a Linux desktop; Improving the existing application migration from Windows to Linux; and Providing end user instruction, including tactics to get the most of the Linux desktop with consideration given to users’ existing Windows knowledge. Unlike other books on the topic, Linux Business Desktop Migration for Windows Users discusses both the strategy of why Windows users would use Linux and how to actually use the Linux operating system, providing a complete beginning to end guide for moving your business over to Linux. FEATURES:
* Provides easily implemented methods for successfully moving from Windows to the Linux business desktop
* Focuses on four main areas: strategies and tactics for making a switch, data migration, application migration, and end-user instruction
* Teaches IT administrators and personnel how to form a basic Linux strategy with considerations given to both the benefits and drawbacks of a Linux migration
* Includes companion CD-ROM with the live file system Knoppix, a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from the CD-ROM, so that readers can complete the exercises described in the text

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