Winning E-brand Strategies : Developing your online business profitability

Winning E-brand Strategies : Developing your online business profitability
Spiro Press
Бизнес и экономика. Поступления - 2009 г.
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


It?s the approach taken to development and marketing in e-commerce that differed from the rest of the market when we started designing our website back in September 1999. We were a small traditional British business with ambitions to sell our range of Savile Row silk ties around the world. In this book we want to dispel many of the new economy myths, in particular that only those with high marketing and advertising expenditure are absolute winners on-line. Dean Markham and I developed a website marketing framework to support our Hunters? tie brand that would achieve the type of site visitors we wanted ? focusing traffic ? using a technique that Dean has been at the leading edge of for some time in California. We (LuxuryTies) have won a lot of great search engine rankings using Dean?s website optimisation techniques which, when aligned with our own Hunters? niche brand development marketing programme, enabled us to mix the latest technology...

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