Wireless LANs Demystified (Demystified)

Wireless LANs Demystified (Demystified)
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Within the next few years, 40% - 50% of all companies will attempt to execute a wireless application strategy--bringing the number of wireless data users to a whopping 36 million by 2003! Wireless LANs are now considered the best bet for wirelessly enabling business since the technology can be quickly and inexpensively deployed using existing infrastructure. * Shows how to wirelessly enable employees to work from any location within the office, as well as home and outside locations * Discusses the different wireless protocols and standardes: 802.11, Bluetooth, WAP, CDMA, 3G, etc. * Covers all the benefits of wireless LANs, with specific cost reductions and support solutions * Includes "insider" information about deploying Microsoft .NET-related wireless LAN applications

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