Wireless access networks

Wireless access networks
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Wireless provides a means for effective, efficient and rapid deployment of new access networks in areas previously without telecommunications service or short of capacity. Fixed wireless access networks and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology are, therefore, playing an important role in the restructuring of the public telecommunications industry.Written in a highly accessible, well-illustrated and simple-to-read format, this book presents the economics, the practicalities, the technical and operational aspects of planning and maintaining fixed wireless access networks, and explains when and why they are attractive.Topics covered include: Design of radio systems and their basic functionality Point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) radio Calculation of radio system range and reliability Fixed wireless applications and their network integrationWireless Access Networks is an invaluable and complete reference for all involved in fixed wireless access and wireless local loop, including business strategists, marketing, technical, planning and operations staff of public network operators, as well as students.

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