Woman (Женщина)

Woman (Женщина)
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Woman, Tension is the Main Element


`Woman` represents the second book of photography published by Andreas H. Bitesnich. Many of the photos it contains are being published here for the first time. The choice of locations for these images was often determined quite by chance. The artist gives a lively account of how he examines postcard displays upon arrival at an airport. Where are the sights, the waterfalls, the areas of outstanding natural beauty? In the end however, a suitable location only serves as the background for his fascinating subject: the female nude. These photographs always somehow inscribe the woman into the natural landscape. Nature appears in its elementary forms: sand, water, waves, a tree, a rock. In one photo taken in Africa, for instance, a dark tree rises up against the light sky somewhere on the African steppe. The horizon is low. In terms of form, the silhouette-like tension of the picture plane opposes the aim to show depth in space. Wedged into the branches of the treetop is a woman, her naked...

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