Word 2003: Vba Programming

Word 2003: Vba Programming
International Thomson Business Press
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


Get the reference that defines standards and best practices for technical writers, editors, and content managers who work with Microsoft technologies. Developed by the Microsoft Editorial Standards Group, the newest edition of the computer industry?s leading manual of style has been fully updated, expanded, and optimized for usability. You get coverage on the latest developments?from accessibility and globalization issues to mobile computing, XML, and other emerging standards?as well as Microsoft-specific products, technologies, and initiatives. You?ll find expertly articulated and organized information about general usage, grammar, punctuation, formatting and layout, front matter, and indexing and attributing, as well as focused guidelines for topics such as creating specific document types, including Readme files and case studies; writing for software developers; documenting the user interface; and developing bias-free communications. Comprehensive, easy-to-use,...

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