Writing from the Inside Out

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Writing from the Inside Out
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"Dennis Palumbo has great insight into a writer’s psyche.... Every writer should have a shrink or this book. The book is cheaper." Gary Shandling, actor, comic, and writer "wise, compassionate, and funny..." Aram Saroyan, poet and novelist "Dennis Palumbo provides a sense of community in the isolation of writing, of knowing that we are not alone on this uncharted and privileged journey. He shows us that our shared struggles, fears, and triumphs are the very soul of the art and craft of writing." Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter, GhostandDeepImpact Writer’s block. Procrastination. Loneliness. Doubt. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Just plain...fear. What does it mean if you struggle with these feelings on a daily basis?It means you’re a writer.Written with a unique empathy and deep insight by someone who is both a fellow writer and a noted psychotherapist, Writing from the Inside Outsheds light on the inner life of the writer and shows you positive new ways of...

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