X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter

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X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter
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The application of X-ray scattering for the study of soft matter has a long tradition. By shining X-rays on a piece of material, representative structure information is collected in a scattering pattern.Moreover, during the last three decadesX-ray scattering has gained new attractivity, for it developed from a static to a dynamic method. The progress achieved is closely linked to the development of both powerful detectors and brilliant X-ray sources (synchrotron radiation, rotating anode). Such point-focus equipment has replaced older slit-focus equipment (Kratky camera, Rigaku-Denki camera) in many laboratories, and the next step of instrumental progress is already discernible. With the "X-ray free electron laser" (XFEL) it will become possible to study very fast processes like the structure relaxation of elastomers after the removal of mechanical load.Today, structure evolution can be tracked in-situ with a cycle time of less than a second. Moreover, if a polymer part is scanned by the X-ray beam of a microbeam setup, the variation of structure and orientation can be documented with a spatial resolution of 1 чm. For the application of X-rays no special sample preparation is required, and as the beam may travel through air for at least several centimeters, manufacturing or ageing machinery can be integrated in the beamline with ease.

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