Cambridge Internetional Dictionary of Idioms

Cambridge Internetional Dictionary of Idioms
Cambridge University Press
Поступления - 2009 г.- Октябрь


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Idioms are a colourful and fascinating aspect of English. They are commonly used in all types of language, informal and formal, spoken and written. Your language skills will increase rapidly if you can understand idioms and use them confidently and correctly. One of the main problems students have with idioms is that it is often impossible to guess the meaning of an idiom from the words it contains. In addition, idioms often have a stronger meaning than non-idiomatic phrases. For example, look daggers at someone has more emphasis than look angrily at someone, but they mean the same thing. Idioms may also suggest a particular attitude of the person using them, for example disapproval, humour, exasperation or admiration, so you must use them carefully. The "Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms" explains the meaning and use of around 7000 idioms in a clear and helpful way. It is a truly international dictionary: it covers current British, American and Australian idioms. ...

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