The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors
Oxford University Press
James, Henry


Introduction, The Ambassadors, Notes


`I seem to have a life only for other people.` Lambert Strether, a mild middle-aged American of no particular achievements, is dispatched to Paris from the manufacturing empire of Woollett, Massachusetts. The mission conferred on him by his august patron, Mrs Newsome, is to discover what, or who, is keeping her son Chad in the notorious city of pleasure, and to bring him home. But Strether finds Chad miraculously transformed by the influence of a remarkable woman; and as the Parisian spring advances, he himself succumbs to the allure of the `vast bright Babylon` and to the mysterious charm of Madame de Vionnet. Strether is overwhelmed by a sense of wasted opportunities, and yet in other people he finds the very stuff of life (and of novels): in being appreciated by the intelligent Maria Gostrey; in being warned by his inflexible compatriot Waymarsh to `quit` it; in being assailed by Mrs Newsome`s alarming daughter, who leads a second rescue...

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