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Red Black and GreenRed Black and Green
Автор: Pinkney
Год: 1979
White Servitude in Colonial AmericaWhite Servitude in Colonial America
Автор: Galenson
Год: 1982
Building a New American StateBuilding a New American State
Автор: Skowronek
Год: 1982
Segmented Work, Divided WorkersSegmented Work, Divided Workers
Автор: Gordon
Год: 1982
Cradle of the Middle ClassCradle of the Middle Class
Автор: Ryan
Год: 1983
The Pursuit of HappinessThe Pursuit of Happiness
Автор: Lewis
Год: 1985
The Myth of Black ProgressThe Myth of Black Progress
Автор: Pinkney
Год: 1986
The Business of ResearchThe Business of Research
Автор: Graham
Год: 1986
Out of WorkOut of Work
Автор: Keyssar
Год: 1986
For Bread with ButterFor Bread with Butter
Автор: Morawska
Год: 1986
The Fall of the House of LaborThe Fall of the House of Labor
Автор: Montgomery
Год: 1987
Imperial State and RevolutionImperial State and Revolution
Автор: Morley
Год: 1988
From Peasants to FarmersFrom Peasants to Farmers
Автор: Gjerde
Год: 1989
Figured TapestryFigured Tapestry
Автор: Scranton
Год: 1989
The Marshall PlanThe Marshall Plan
Автор: Hogan
Год: 1989
Science and Corporate StrategyScience and Corporate Strategy
Автор: Hounshell
Год: 1989
A New Face on the CountrysideA New Face on the Countryside
Автор: Silver
Год: 1990
Toward a Social History of the American Civil WarToward a Social History of the American Civil War
Автор: Vinovskis
Год: 1990